Versarum is specialised for the advanced industrial solutions performing signal sampling and processing in nanoseconds, measuring with the world most precision instruments, speeding up control loops using multicore technology or preparing custom solutions in a record time.

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We are developing custom solution for the industrial needs.

Versarum is also performing R&D projects and is developing with various faculties from University of Ljubljana and with Josef Stefan Institute.

We are also manufacturing custom thermal and sweating manikins in collaboration with Jožef Stefan Institute. Off-the shelf manikins are in development and should be ready for the market at the end of 2019.

Please note that the page is under construction.


We are providing our services to various industries. You can find few of our customers and main projects listed below

National Instruments
We are proud National Instruments Alliance Partner since 2013. We provide solutions using LabVIEW software and National Instruments hardware like cDAQ, cRIO, PXI or computer vision.

Slovenian Railway
Developed unique system run by FPGA technology monitoring railway traffic on a biggest marshalling station in South-East Europe.

Danfoss Trata
Developed various solutions for laboratory testing, firmware validation testers, big test rig systems, product lifetime testers and developed various demo panels for marketing department.

Developed precision tester on a production line running 24/7.

Tajfun Group
Developing technology the world has never seen for the biggest player in forestry industry worldwide.
Also deployed electronics and firmware testers for the products.

EBM Papst
Developed innovative solution using FPGA technology for the new generation of products. Also helping their engineering group by supporting their work in LabVIEW Development Environment.

We are official distributor for the Swiss company MSR, which is producing sensor technology used in science, transport industry and even in space.

Developed world first fully integrated smart ski. Developing improved versions.

University of Ljubljana
Collaborating on multiple research projects, developing new solutions. We even have an office on a Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana.

STRIP’S and Lumenia
Developed computer vision tester and electrical testers for most of their LED light products.

Helping internal engineering team by developing their tester and simulator for the products.

Developed remote data logger, measuring vehicle parameters and streaming it to the R&D facility from the vehicles located all around the Europe. Data is received in seconds.

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