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What we do


Well... that would be a long story. But to make long story short, let's take a look on a PCB board that you see above this text.


This board was designed by us. It was programmed by us. It was assembled by us. It was tested by a custom electronics and firmware tester, that was developed by us. This board was integrated by us and is providing reliable solution for a railway network.


Does it mean that we do electronics design, software engineering, custom testers and system integrations? Well... yes. But that is not all.

Our services

Development of custom mechanical solutions, integrating newly developed parts into the existing constructions.

We can help you with a new product development or improving your existing products.

Our solutions are cloud friendly. We can stream or download data from your cloud using various techniques.

Designing electronics, integrating electronics into the custom 3D shapes. Programming ARM based microcontrollers

Programming desktop applications, Real-Time applications and FPGA applications using LabVIEW. We are certified LabVIEW developers.

Providing solutions for many  partners in various industries. From heating to automotive and aerospace.

Top Reasons Why Choose Us!

Experts and Experiences


By developing solutions for various industries all around the globe, we've gathered great experiences for each sector we were working for. Our engineers are certified programmers and certified developers.  We never stop or give up. We are improving the solution until the customer is more than impressed. Not just because of customer, but to gather new experiences as well.


Higher the Challenge = Greater the Passion.  

Technology and History


Few years ago customer reguested a datalogger. It shoud log events in microsecond range. We did the nanosecond range datalogger. They sait its nonesense... One year later, they called and said thank you. We wouldn't  diagnose the problem using microsecond datalogger. 


 We only use newest technology, newest software development tools and newest hadware components. There are no 8-bit microcontrollers in our newest solutions. There are no software solutions without using multiple processor cores in our portfolio. 




Higher the Challenge  =  Greater the Passion.  


You can be the best. But to be the best, you need the best partners and the best solutions. So we will push you to be the best.


Take a look on a right. This is a high speed rotating device. Besides some important stuff it does, there are quite a few high power LED diodes on it. And there is no single power cable or a battery. We call it a WIRELESS ENERGY.


Your product can also benefit from it. Or it can benefit from our integrated motor. Or it can benefit from some other invention we have in a pocket. 

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